Vitamixバイタミックス 防音ボックス Whisper Blend Sound Proof Box

Vitamix Vita-mix バイタミックス

The Whisper Blend sound enclosure will fit just about any Vita-Mix product on the market, such as the BarBoss, the 1230 Timer Drink Machine, the Drink Machine 2-Speed, the Vita-Prep, Vita-Prep 3, and many, many others with the same design.

It is NOT intended to work with Blending Station Series machines such as the Blending Station Advance and Touch & Go 2 MP as those units already come with their own sound enclosures. It also is incompatible with the new Vita-Mix XL Blender.

The Whisper Blend is not compatible with the new Vitamix Professional Series 300, Professional Series 750 blenders, or any with that new design.

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  • 販売価格 59,800円(税込)