Vitamixバイタミックス アイスブレード・蓋無し64 oz. Traditional NSF Container - 752

Vitamix Vita-mix バイタミックス

The Vita-Mix 64 oz high-impact polycarbonate container will fit most Vita-Mix Blenders without modification. It is normally sold only with commercial models now because it is NSF-Certified. It comes standard on the BarBoss, the 1230 Timer Drink Machine, the Drink Machine 2-Speed, the Vita-Prep, Vita-Prep 3, the original Touch & Go, Portion Blending System, Vita-Mix 5000, and many others.

This container is NOT designed for the BarBoss Advance, Drink Machine Advance, Blending Station Advance, Touch & Go 2 MP, Blending Station MP, or any future Vita-Mix "Advance" or "MP" product. It also is incompatible with the new Vita-Mix XL Blender.

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