Vitamixバイタミックス2-Piece Lid and Plug for 64 Ounce Container - 15855

Vitamix Vita-mix バイタミックス

If you have lost or damaged the lid to your Vita-Mix container, do not buy a whole new container. Just replace the lid. This genuine Vita-Mix 2-Piece thermoplastic rubber lid with locking tabs and plastic plug will fit any polycarbonate or Eastman Tritan BPA-Free 64 ounce Vita-Mix container such as the one shown here. The rubber lid forms a seal and stays in place while you blend. The clear plastic plug vents what you are blending (useful for hot products) can be removed to add ingredients while the Vita-Mix is running, or to use the tamper accelerator tool. The locking tabs secure the lid to your container and will fit 64 ounce containers that came with non-locking lids.

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