VitamixバイタミックスCutting Board and Spatula Combo Pack - 668

Vitamix Vita-mix バイタミックス

Turn your Vita-Mix blender into a total food preparation center with the Vita-Mix Cutting Board and Spatula Combo Pack. 4 flexible cutting boards offer a convenient place to slice large ingredients before tossing them into your Vita-Mix. Use the specially designed Vita-Mix Spatula for the best results. Each nylon spatula in this set of 3 is extra-long and is made to perfectly maneuver around the blade so you can easily remove the entire contents. The Vita-Mix 3 Pack of Nylon Spatulas are well-suited for removing thick mixtures such as peanut butter, hummus, sausage, ice cream, spreads and many other delicious foods. These spatulas will work with any Vita-Mix container as well as containers from many other brands.

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