Vitamixバイタミックス3 Pack of Nylon Spatulas - 476

Vitamix Vita-mix バイタミックス

Vita-Mix blenders are built to power through even the thickest ingredients, but how do you get the blend out of the container? If you said "use a spatula," then you are close. Use the specially designed Vita-Mix Spatula for the best results. Each nylon spatula in this set of 3 is extra-long and is made to perfectly maneuver around the blade so you can easily remove the entire contents. Not only will your hands stay clean, but you won't have to worry about bumping into the sharp blade with your fingers. The Vita-Mix 3 Pack of Nylon Spatulas are well-suited for removing thick mixtures such as peanut butter, hummus, sausage, ice cream, spreads and many other delicious foods. These spatulas will work with any Vita-Mix container as well as containers from many other brands.

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